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Our beach

Main beach in Cabo Frio

BBQ meal!



View from hotel rm in Rio - Corcovado.

Cathedral in Rio

One of the stained glass windows

Lapa arches


Selaron steps




Graffiti art

A monkey!




27th January

Nothing much happened...beach although it was very windy and very hot. Stayed till around 2pm. Showered, realised we'd both gotten burned...idiots! Bus to Cabo Frio. Before getting on, I set a pin on my maps so that we'd know where to get off the bus in the dark coming back.

I'd bought a couple of cards in arraial do Cabo couple of days ago so posted them because we saw a corijois (post office). Bought some new flip flops; prob won't be coming to Brazil again so making the most of the opportunity to get decent ones while we're here. Really just wandered in the town. Had dinner at the same place as last night but we had anchovy tonight. Yes, anchovies in the uk are little salty fishes you use in cooking I thought. Not this; it was really big and it was served as whole but had been coated and fried, steaked and reassembled on salad served with rice and chips. Afterwards, we went to an ice cream shop where ice cream is self served and weighed to calculate the cost. Yum! The dropped pin idea worked and we got off the bus exactly (but on the other side) where we'd gotten in the bus.

Wifi didn't work properly so couldn't watch our prog :(

28th January

Beach so no real news. I'm peeling! :(

Cabo Frio around 3pm. We got an uber as it seemed to be a little cheaper....it lied! However, we went a different way that the bus. We went the coastal road by the sand dunes. Interesting. Real touristy though. You couldn't get another umbrella on the beach. Went to the bank as Banco Brazil won't give us money. Found a Santander which did. Brinks security were filling up the ATM and the guards; 1 had a rifle ready waiting to fire, the other had a revolver in his hand ready and the 3rd was filling up. Wow. Before our meal, we went up a hill which was cobbled behind the main church. It was a place affiliated to the church below. Fab views! Same restaurant for dinner. Sizzling rump steaks! Lovely.

29th January


Bus to Cabo. Got off by the huge supermarket and bought a couple of bits but it was a little disappointing! Then wandered into town another different way. Pottered into several stores but bought nothing really. Dinner, same place. Problem is, if you find somewhere which doesn't give you food poisoning, I think it's best to stick to it. Guy doesn't feel too good today...heat? Too much to drink? Dehydration? Who knows.... We had chicken breast grilled and chips. I had an ice cream but he didn't.

30th January

Ok, our last day here.....Guy has gout! Beach until around 2 when he doesn't feel too well so wants to go back to the room. But not without me! Showered but as he's still not 100%, has a lie down and I sit in the communal area and read. We'll see if he feels ok later.

Went to our restaurant again. Food not as good. Bus back to hotel again.

31st January

Our bus to Rio is today at 11:30. Guy doesn't have breakfast because he's not too well still. We pack and are ready for the taxi booked for 10:00am. Get to bus station at 10:20 and see if we could change our tickets for the earlier bus. Yes! Rio in 3 hrs. Try an uber but they/we didn't find each other so we got a taxi which we bartered for. Paid 30reals but on uber it was 15. Never mind. Arrive at hotel. It's brilliant. Check in. We have room 908, Hotel Americas Granada. Go onto the roof terrace. Guy wasn't coming but he can't help himself. I order beer but she arrives with double order. Never mind, we'll drink it sometime.....or now? Not sure about dinner...he's still not well. There's 3 German young men....I want to say boys because they're acting like boys but the one who comes over to talk is 30. So an adult. They work (they say in management roles but I'm not sure) as road maintenance in Cologne. And get paid very well....well, it is Germany isn't it? A couple of them are trying to chat up a Brazilian girl using Google translate; hysterical! And they're getting very drunk!

Went up the road, found a supermarket for water and beer for tomorrow. Take it back and then off out again for dinner. We found a restaurant which was very busy at the top of the road. It's fairly manic out there. I had beef stroganoff and Guy had chick risotto, beer and I had a caipirinha to finish off with.

1 February

Guys still not right, but we're not sure what's wrong, so we'd planned this stay so it was near things we can walk to. Walk to the cathedral, museum of modern art half price because we're old farts) which was disappointing, Lapa arches, Selaron steps and had a drink outside the municipal theatre. Fabulous architecture. On the way back we walked around a street market. The humidity is really high here. We've not experienced that before on this trip so I'm guessing that's what's wrong with Guy.

I go to the roof with a beer and read for a couple of hours.

Same restaurant, Guy - spag Bol.....boring, me - BBQ meats and chips. Had another caiprihana and another back at the hotel.....proper pickled tonight; well it is our last night!

2nd February

We asked for a late check out to 6pm. Approx 85reals, £20. Get an uber to the museum of tomorrow. We tried to go 4 years ago but didn't manage it. Because we're 'old', it's not only free, you get prioritised! Fairly quick to get in. Some of the exhibitions are in dual languages meaning we can understand some stuff. The main exhibition is amazing and if they'd had a book about the museum I'd have probs bought it.

Walked back slowly. There's nothing open so really no shops to look at en route back. Spend our last afternoon by the pool on the roof....really warm. The pool is so lovely. The roof is so quiet. Everyone must either have checked out this morning or out somewhere. Uber booked for 6pm.

Thoughts on arrival home.....will we be back Brazil...probably not but who knows? Absolutely love the country and the people who are so friendly and helpful. We've not had any sort of threat, felt threatened or in danger even though we wander everywhere on our own without putting ourselves in silly areas.

The litter is terrible. Why don't they put stuff in a bin (although they're not prolific) but on the beach....pick it up people. Every time we were on the beach I ended up taking a bag of someone else's rubbish with me. The sellers of stuff, are quite happy to drop bottle tops from beer, ice cream papers and plastic straws!

And the one thing which was weird on arriving home was putting the loo paper in the loo. Haven't done that for a month! :)

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