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We are sitting on THAT saddle?


Anelli our guide... too adorable...


afternoon walk along coast

what on earth??? is that???

what do you think this is Liz??? ... Winkles...... eating jellyfish..

Neslted in the foothills over looking the crashing ocean. The Kraal. A backpackers paradise. No phone, No shops, No running water, No electricity, No attitude!!!

Liz and I hung out for a couple days in this unique village. Rondavels are sprinkled over the rolling green hills. Donkeys walk freely as they please. The sound of the ocean is amazing. Thundering, crashing, and pounding waves all day long. Make for a perfect place to write or meditate.

We rode horses through the small hills and watched locals build mud homes with straw roofs. It's woman's work, surprisingly. The sun was perfectly warm all day, not too hot, not too humid. The ocean gives a beautiful breeze and the salt air reminds me of home.

We ate gorgeous food created by the local Mama. She was a fantastic cook, the best pumpkin soup I ever tasted, coconut dusted crayfish, pulua rice and vegies.. Yummy!! The room was filled with coaches, big cushions, candles for reading and large bay windows that let in the perfect amount of fresh air. Our entertainment for the evening was a brilliant electrical storm on the horizon. It was spectacular. Huge bolts of lightening shooting across the sky every 40 seconds.. with orange and blue hues.. Something to see!!!

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