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Rare Elephant tree

This morning we leave our quiet spot in the desert for the lights of Yuma,AZ. Its a 31/2 hr trip to our Yuma Lakes RV spot.The park is huge, over 300 sites. We were lucky to get a centrally located spot by the greenway and close to showers, laundry and pool.

Our stay in the boomdocks was great. We found a nice spot on terra firma isolated from anyone else. It is unobstructed so we have the perfect spot to view the brilliant desert night sky. The Milky Way looks close enough to reach up and touch. We both have sky apps on our phones so we can use them to track the constellations, satellites and space station. Its been years since we have seen the Milky Way so clear.

We set our camp with motor-homes in opposite directions so we could use our awnings to make a patio to keep our chairs and bbq out of the sun. It worked perfectly. We bbq'd hamburgers for our first meal.

Monday we packed a lunch, loaded up the dogs and set out for a day of off roading thru the desert and down a wash through a canyon. The weather was perfect, sunny,not too hot and no wind. After bouncing around through the washes and over rocks we made it to the canyon. We stopped for lunch and let the dogs run around while we ate. On the way back we stopped to take a hike to see the last remaining Elephant tree in the park. It is hundreds of years old and extremely rare. The contorted branches are reminiscent of elephant trunks, thus its name.

It was a wonderful day. I love wandering on roads less traveled.

Unfortunately, the next day my back rebelled against all the bouncing and rock and rolling of the trip. Therefore, I was unable to go on the next two days off roading. Dean and Jeannie went by themselves and my sweet husband would not leave me by myself even though I told him to go without me. The day before we were to leave I was glad he stayed with me as we had a sandstorm that hit without warning. Both awnings were out and it took both of us fighting like mad to hold them down so we could roll them up before the wind shredded them to bits. We got them rolled up but everything else was blown over and covered in sand. Our Suzuki had the windows open and it took me all this afternoon to clean out the sand. Dean and Jeannie came home early as the sand was so thick he couldn't see where he was driving. The storm lasted until 7pm then subsided as quickly as it began.

My back is better but still painful. Ill try short walks and stretching exercise and hope it clears up.

Ill report on Yuma in the next post.

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