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Just on time: happy new year 2020!

Fourth new year in Dubai: our new record to date

2019 was an amazing year with a beautiful trip to Tanzania with Annie, a trip to Iran (what an amazing country), our usual visit to France in Summer (Paris, Notre Dame de Mont, Limoges, Corps, Luberon villages, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Hossegor).

Visitors who came to enjoy Dubai: Papoupa and Mouty, Vanessa and Francois, Audrey and Manuel, Annie, Cedric.

Bahia passed with success her 1st GCSE (french).

Aloe did her 1st communion and passed with success her Chinese exam, YCT3.

Marin passed his Chinese exam, YCT 2 full score, awarded by Chinese consul.

Virg started to sell her duvet cover and home linen, finally after 1 year and a half of work

Vinz got finally a new job in Schlumberger.

Beginning of 2020 although our Liwa excursion cancelled for bad weather, huge flooding in Dubai and Vinz kite surfing accident, we have plenty of new projects: Virg starts a yoga teacher training, we bough a house in Capbreton. and we may move to Houston.

We wish you all the best for this coming year!

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