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Kayla of the orange shoes

Kayla, #33

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Surprise, AZ It was a rather laid-back family day. Sawyer, still sick, instructed Sandi in the fine art of paper airplanes. So many decisions! Did we want and indoor or an outdoor plane? Should it be the original or upgrade 1 or upgrade 2? Then it was necessary to test the planes. Were they high loopers or low loopers? How were they for distance? Should we add weights or leave them as they were? Sawyer was a very good teacher who takes his planes seriously. When Sandi's did not fly as well as his, he offered to switch. It immediately became clear that the problem was not with the plane but with the pilot! Then we went to see Kayla play soccer. Her junior high team looked really good. They played like a team and were fast. Kayla’s team, the Panthers, scored right away but the other team came right back and scored. After that there was no contest. Kayla’s team won 12-3 even though Kayla's coach shifted players around into positions they did not normally play. Kayla is one of the few 6th graders on a middle school team which means she is as much as 2 years younger than the others.She does very well.

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