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Night Stop on Prom Car Park

Comillas Harbour

Big Guns

Comillas Cemetery

Inside Cemetery

Day 10 - Mon 20th Jan

A lot duller today & still windy, a few drops of rain as we headed West along the coast . Not so hilly today & the road was a lot easier. We stopped off in Santander for lunch & then looked around for a Lidl store to stock up some food. Couldn’t get in the car park so parked up beside the kerb on a side road. The only problem was that it was a dead end & with cars parked either side there was only one lane. I had to drive up to the top to a back gateway to the Lidl store & turn around there. I started to drive into the gateway with the intention of then reversing back out in a multi point turn, hopefully avoiding all the parked cars. Then came a very nasty metallic scraping sound & I stopped dead wondering what on earth I’d hit. It turned out that I had bottomed out the chassis on the metal strip that crowned the top of the concrete ramp in the gateway.

After getting out & being very relieved to see that nothing was damaged I gingerly reversed back out & with much steering wheel twisting I managed to reverse back into the gateway, without scraping the chassis & then jiggle back & forth a number of times until I was able to head back down the road & out on to the open road. Phew!!!!

After that it was a pretty uneventful drive further along the coast to another small town called Comillas where we parked up for the night on their seafront car park. Another freebie.

Then after the customary coffee we wandered off again to look around. All very quiet as most places seemed to be closed for the winter & all the fishing boats were on dry land. We did come across a lovely old cemetery with most of the remains being set in vaults in the walls. I don’t think I would fancy wandering around inside after dark even with the big stone angel perched high up in one corner. Spooky!

Mileage today - 137

Total Mileage - 1,278

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