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No shortage of them here

This guy posed for me

This is what Ellen wants for Christmas

Entertainment Center and Fireplace


And the price tag

This is the pool at a new campground

The Tides Open January 1, 2020

Sunset at Harpoon Harry's

So let's see, what have we been up to. Last week was the big RV Show in Tampa. We arranged for a dog walker to visit Marley and took a ride up there last Thursday. We spent the day wandering around, eyeing all the goodies the vendors were hawking and peeked into a couple of the rv's on display. It was about an hour drive each way, and as usual, the place was a mob scene. We kept our purchases to a minimum so no need for another mortgage yet.

While the weather was cool this weak, we drove up to the big power plant at Apollo Beach. Florida Power as quite and elaborate manatee viewing area here, complete with piers and an information center. There were far to many to try to count. Luckily we got in early as when we were leaving there was a line half a mile down the road waiting to get into the parking lot.

Last night we drove down to Punta Gorda and met up with Joe and Kathy. They're spending the Winter at their place in Bonita Springs before heading back to Jersey. We haven't seen them in quite a while. We had a nice dinner at Harpoon Harry's watching a beautiful sunset over the Gulf.

We also spent some time walking around the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton. It was refreshing to be in a flea market where the signs are all in English. We didn't see much of that in Texas last year. It was a pretty good size but no where near what we've seen in Webster, FL or Shipshwanna, IN.

That's about it for now. We're down to our last week here already. It's hard to figure where the time goes. To think we used to be concerned that a month was too much time to spend in one place.

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