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Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Ex swing bridge

Plaque 1

Plaque 2

Plaque 3



A couple of the bridges we went through today. I don't usually think about taking photos as we're too concerned about making sure we fit through ok. But we've been through these bridges a couple of times now and we know we can get through as long as we take it slowly and carefully.

We left Pewsey and are moored between there and Honeystreet at Wide Water. It's very peaceful.

Every now and then we come across places where there used to be a swing bridge - they've taken away the bridge in some cases but we still have to negotiate the narrow bit where the bridge was.

These plaques were on a rock at the side of the road. Hundred being a subdivision of a county or shire having its own court.

this huge fungus was just peeping out of the ivy enough for me to spot it.

The ivy has overtaken this tree so they've cut around it to stop it growing.

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