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The last supper...of this trip...

What a whirlwind this visit has been! Doctors, dentist, haircuts, pharmacy visits, a few family visits and finally Thanksgiving with family. Throw in a quick five day trip to Red Bay and it has been busy to say the least...and oh yeah, throw in some truck problems. But now...it is time to head west.

Wednesday had us lined up for several things to get accomplished and a majority of those in Little Rock. We were off to Little Rock around 9:00 headed for the dentist and Sue's permanent crown. I dropped her off and headed for Ed's. I had helped him sell a shotgun and I had to take him his money, instead of taking it to Arizona. I sat and visited with him until Sue texted and advised me she was through. On my way to pick her up, I talked with Haley and made arrangements to meet them at Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. I circled by and gathered Sue and headed for Cracker Barrel. We had a late morning visit with Haley, Marcus, Kacy and Abby over a few edibles. We visited until after noon and then they headed off to take care of other issues and meet Beth. We were off to the vet to pick up medicine for Ziva and then it was time to head back to Conway. Then Crain called and advised me the truck was ready for me to pick up. Sue went back to the Bus and I went to Crain and picked up the Canyon. Amazing, I was advised there was a loose screw...yea, right. The growl was gone. The rough shifting was gone and there was no charge...sounds like warranty work on something to do with the drive train...but who knows? Then it was back to pick up Sue and head for Cracker Barrel. We had ordered their heat-up Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family. We picked up the order and headed for Beth's to stow everything in a refrigerator for Thursday's preparation. Then to the Bus and some much needed rest.

Thursday there was not much going on, except Sue preparing the items for the sweet potato casserole. We were at Beth's around 1:00 and the meal prep was on. That meant Jeff and I had to rest while all this work was being done. Dinner was a little after 5:30 and we were finished by 7:00 or so. Noah arrived after we were through and visited with everyone until everyone left. We were all stuffed. After a pleasant visit we headed to the Bus around 9:00. A walk for Ziva and then ready for bed.

Friday was a last day in town type day. A list of thigs to do was getting longer all the time. We went to the bank, shopped and continued to do the small things to get ready to travel. We had originally planned to leave today but there are strong wind warnings for the Abilene area on Saturday. Well outside of our comfort zone. So we delayed by a day. Once we managed to get a reservation in Mt Pleasant for Saturday night, we made reservations all the way to Yuma, which we hope will be ready for us on the 5th of December. This was followed by a trip to Little Rock with a stop at the Apple Store. Then to Cheers in Maumelle for dinner. Jeff and the girls stayed in Conway and Kacy had returned to Fayetteville to go to work. So the six of us (in the picture) enjoyed the menu items we chose. We visited for about 30 minutes after we ate before leaving. Then the sad part. Hugs and knowing we will head out for Yuma tomorrow and Haley and family will head for San Antonio. We will facetime on Christmas but we will not see everyone again until next May. We had said our byes to Jeff and the girls when we were by there earlier. So, we all headed in different directions with smiles on our faces from the good times we have had with the family over the last few days.

Tomorrow we are off. Probably in the rain but that only means we will drive slower. The good thing about the Bus is the windshield sits above most all of the road haze. The rains will be around until mid afternoon. We hope to arrive in Mount Pleasant in time to see most of the Iron Bowl tomorrow afternoon and the Bedlam series game tomorrow night. Sunday will find us headed for Abilene in what will be our longest day...distance wise...but hopefully the last day of the Thanksgiving travel traffic. Oh well, more tomorrow from Mt Pleasant, TX.

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