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Woke up by heavy rain and thunder. I had to change plane. I was going to Aiea Trail to look for Hawaiian endemic species. It is a dirt trail located high up in the mountain in the middle of Oahu. The birds who live high up than where mosquito can live survived. The mosquito transmits avian malaria to the native birds who has no resistance. Well, it is just good to slow down the pace. After breakfast I decided to do my laundry while it was still raining hard. The condo has a laundry place but requires $5 of coins. It took me some creativity to get $5 worth of quarters before any bank opens. After the laundry I went to Bishop Museum.

It is the major museum in Hawaii that has collections related to Hawaii royal families, customs, arts, history, etc. It was built in 1800 by a Scottish man Bishop to memorize his wife who was a Hawaiian princess. I watched 3 short dome movies: the mystery of moon, Hawaiian sky tonight, and WayFinder. All are very interesting. I did not know how much our moon impacts our existence and life now. Without it the earth would rotate much faster (9 hours compared to 24), which would cause much stronger storm and wind. The WayFinder is about Polynesian sea voyage. They were expert in navigation using stars, wind and ocean current flow. The last big trip was from Tahiti to Hawaii some 600 years ago. Gradually this skill was lost. Some Hawaiians wanted to carry on the tradition and invited the last wayFind master from Micronesia to Hawaii to teach them. He helped them to get to Tahiti without any navigation device in the 70th. Since then, more Hawaiian join them to learn this skill and travelled all the Polynesian locations and more. It showed a map of the journey that ancient Polynesians took from place to place. It showed it started somewhere beyond Taiwan, then Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Island. I got confused and went to ask the narrator after the show where exactly the trip started beyond Taiwan. He did not know. When I was visiting Taiwan in January, I read somewhere that indigenous Taiwanese is Polynesian who came from Indonesia. I am inspired to dig into it and learn about Polynesian sea voyage. The museum has a collection of bird’s feather cloaks, hats, shoulder covers and a status symbol of tall kahili. The royal colors were yellow, red and black. It took 6000 birds to make one kahili and 60,000 birds to make one cloak. No wonder 30 out of 71 endemic birds extinct. The museum also has a collection of bird species but only a few on display. It did not mention anything about Polynesians killing birds. Those pieces are magnificent and very beautiful but all I hear is bird’s cry from each feather! Each culture has something that is bad to our earth.

Got back to Waikiki for sunset. I walked the Waikiki beach trail and did people watching. It was another magnificent sunset! There were lots of Japanese and newlywed couples. At a small beach restaurant, I ordered a plate of shrimp fried rice and a bowl of fresh fruits. I had a scare today because after I got to the Bishop Museum, I could not find my phone. I thought I left at the condo. But after I returned, I could not find it anywhere. I have subscribed a phone location service from T-mobile. I thought this is a perfect use case. However, I could not open the page that contains the location map of the phone. I called T-mobile using Skype from my laptop. They told me an address where my phone was located. It turned out to be inside my car. I went back to where I parked nearby and found the phone jammed between the front passenger seat and the door. It must have fallen out from my purse. What a relief!

Tomorrow is another day and a new adventure.

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