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Dole Plantation

Feral Chichen

Dole pineapple ice cream

Hawaii special: Spam, seaweed and rice

Bird of Paradise Flower

Garlic Shrimp

My flight was early at 7:30am. At 5:30am I called an Uber and it showed up within 5 minutes. The Alaska flight was on time and smooth. It landed at Oahu at 12:00pm. After I got the rental car, I headed over to Hawaiian Country Club that is only 7 minutes from the airport. It is a golf course and there is a small community park next to it. Just after I pulled into parking lot, I saw two beautiful Red-crested Cardinals on the grassy area. There were lots of bird activities. On the sport field, a large group of Common Myna were feeding mixed in with a dozen or so Pacific Golden Plovers, many Spotted Dove and Zebra Dove. On the golf course there are a few ponds. I found a weasel, bright yellow Saffron Finch that I just saw in Ecuador, Red-vented and Red-whiskered Bulbul that I saw in Chengdu of China. There were also a large group of Cattel Egret and Chestnut Munia that I saw this year in Taiwan. Like its people Hawaii is a bird melting pot.

On my way to Northshore, I stopped at the Dole Plantation. According to ebird, there were Eurasian Skylark. It was full of cars and visitors. I had to get ice cream with crushed fresh pineapple. When I was eating it in the garden, a group of feral Red Jungle Fowl appeared. Polynesian brought them to the island many years ago and now it is a common sight.

Checked into my Airbnb on the northshore. This is a small modest house. The host is a young man in the late 20th or early 30th with a roommate. When I asked him what he does, he said a bit of everything. I am not sure what he meant. Housing is very expensive in Hawaii. I do not know how he paid or pays for it. He looks very athletic and has lots of surf boards in the garage. He was watching a basketball match and told me he loves sports. Then, he started to explain to me how to surf and the difference between a good and a bad one. He also said tomorrow there is a surf competition and I should go watch it. I really wish I could, but I have signed up for a birding tour nearby at James Campbell Reserve. Later his roommate came back: another youngmen with lots of muscles. He told me he is in the construction business. They made me feel young!

Kurt told me a nice bakery nearby and also recommended a restaurant. After buying a few pastries for my breakfast, I went to the restaurant. Unfortunately, there was a waiting line. I decided to try another one without line. It is a Hawaiian BBQ place and I ordered a plate of garlic shrimp with rice and salad. It was good. When I got back, I was so tired due to time difference and the stress of long plane ride. It was too hot and humid to fall into sleep. Finally, it cooled down. I could not believe that I am really in Hawaii

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