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Shoes on the Danube





Liberty Square


Walking to Buda Castle across Elizabeth Bridge

View from the top

Fishermans Bastion

View from the top of Saint Stephens Basilica


This morning I decided to get up early to see if there was any chance of catching sunrise down by the Danube. I had heard about the Holocaust Memorial on the bank of the Danube so headed straight there. The advantage of getting up early is of course no tourists in your shots – plus you get to see a city coming to life.

The memorial, Shoes on the Danube, is a tribute to all those shot by the Arrow Cross Party. Between 1944-45, many Hungarians, for many different reasons, were forced to strip naked on the banks of the Danube and face the river; a firing squad then shot the "prisoners" at close range in the back so that they fell into the river to be washed away.

The ruling Arrow Cross Party for Jewish activities did not discriminate, as these shoes show; children, women, businessmen, athletes...

While I appreciate that people want to leave candles and tributes to those who lost their lives at this time, I have to say that all the paraphernalia made the memorial look a little grotty. I took the liberty of moving a few old candles and wax for my photos but made sure it was all put back the way I found it once I was done.

The nice thing whilst there was the sun broke through the clouds for just a few minutes, but long enough for me to capture some nice shots of the Chain bridge and Buda Castle.

This memorial is on the banks of the Danube, just in front of the Parliament buildings. It was great to wander around with only the guards to keep an eye on me. On the way back, I stumbled across Liberty Square. I will leave you to read the sign posted by the protesters. Obviously, the anger and fight still continues.

The weather had turned again so we decided to head to Buda (the other side of the Danube) and check out Buda Castle and the surrounds. As you can see from my photos, it was a really overcast day and while the rain wasn’t as heavy as in Krakow, it was consistent.

Before dinner, I decided to head to Saint Stephens Basilica and catch the twilight and watch the beautiful buildings of Budapest becoming illuminated. Even though it was still drizzling, it was certainly very beautiful up there. I think it wouold be worthwhile doing another photo walk, just so that I can do justice to this beautiful city.

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