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Cold and wet!

And still the horses are working


Our last day in Poland was bleak and cold; just as well we had booked to see the underground “caves” beneath the main square.

Once again, I have to say the Polish do museums incredibly well. Situated four meters below the Main Square, Rynek Underground (Podziemia Rynku) is a unique museum that takes visitors through the excavated Middle Ages vendors’ stalls. It includes multimedia exhibits, videos, and Medieval artefacts that show the Medieval times in Kraków.

The underground was only discovered in 2005 and is located beneath the main square. They have done a wonderful job of excavating the whole area, keeping the medieval laneways intact and then building a concrete slab over the whole lot to reinstate the square!

From here we headed over to the Castle but the queues to get in were so long and neither of us fancied standing in the rain waiting for tickets and entry, so we wandered around for awhile then headed back to the apartment.

Getting itchy feet, I headed over to see the inside of Saint Mary’s Basilica, the place where the Trumpeter of Krakow sounds his bugle on the hour, every hour. As you would expect of me, the main alter is currently undergoing renovation, however it is a huge church and the other areas are absolutely stunning.

We decided to try something a little different today and opted for the overnight train from Krakow to Budapest. After one of the best meals I have had, we boarded our train at 10:24pm and were off. Let me just say that by the time we placed our suitcases side by side, there wasn’t much room for moving around!

Given the space restriction, I volunteered to sleep on the top bunk. In Craig’s words, he felt the mattresses and pillows were East German issue! I have never had a more uncomfortable night; when I finally did get to sleep, I woke again when we stopped at the numerous stations along the way.

If I ever do this again, more planning is definitely required – like a few stiff drinks before retiring for the night!

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