Ginny's Adventures 2019 travel blog

this guy is "with it"

1963 Shasta with Beatles theme

a longer tin can

1963 Beeline

an Avian is not an Airstream!

bathroom in the back with windows!

another Avian

has double bed but toilet is dead center!

early teardrop

is really small! like a coffin

but it has everything you need! hah!

homemade truck camper

uses tinkertoys as hooks!

converted vans count also

1973 Argosy

center hall theme

Here's an Airstream

bed has to be put away every day

a Class A!

climb into driver and passenger seats

Spartan Lite

has exit door on street side

impressive galley and bedroom

cozy but simple living area

I was invited to meet Deb & Pam for breakfast at a bistro near their new house and then to go with them to Arcadia to see vintage RVs. They live outside of Punta Gorda now, but they still have a house and properties at Carefree.

There were about a dozen RVs that were "rescued", refurbished, and currently used. I like the name of the club - it's been around for 100 years! Sometimes my home seems like a rolling tin can!

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