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Back to Arkansas on Friday after being gone for about two months. We are now settled in Forest Lake MH Community in the same site we were our last two stays. We have learned what we have to do to level quickly in this space, and we get a straight shot at our satellites so we have all the television channels we pay for each month.

Thursday we were up and out about 9:15 from our nice warm spot in Biloxi. It was already in the low 70's when we left...of course the humidity was much higher. I had to change after getting everything ready to go because I had soaked through everything. Knowing we were headed for cooler weather, I changed into jeans. That would turn out to be helpful when we arrived in West Monroe. We had a little over 290 miles but it was a pretty easy drive up US 49 to Jackson, MS. Then it was a jump on to I-20 and point west to our destination in West Monroe. The temperature continued to rise until we saw 79 degrees...then closer to Jackson it started down. By the time we got to West Monroe, to the truck stop directly across the street from our space at Pavilion RV Park, the temperature was in the mid 40's with a 15 - 20 mph wind from the north. The park was acceptable but not especially desirable. After the last two places we had stayed, it was down right lacking...but for $ 17.00 we could deal with it for one night. We had one issue in that we got too close to the concrete pad on the passenger side. Our steps would not open. There were a couple of options available but we chose to unhook the truck so we could back up the Bus and try again. After we completed the unhook, reposition was handled easily. Then the step was able to function properly.

We had dinner in the Bus. We had several options and I had a frozen dinner and Sue had some taco chili from the freezer. Then we bundled up to make sure we stayed warm while the temperature went below freezing. We were able to stay warm the entire night and then we were up early to get ready to head to Conway. Hooking the truck back up in the mid 30 degree weather and the wind of about 20mph was a task I could not finish fast enough. I had on a polartec top that did not stop wind. It was really cold feeling. But we got packed up and hooked up and out by 9:30, and headed out looking for US425. We are not sure how or where but we finally verified we were on 425 in Bastrop. The drive was not difficult except for the 20+ mile construction zone just south of Hamburg. The only issue was the road shoulder had about one foot beyond the stripe on the passenger side. To the right of that one foot clearance the earth had been scraped back for a new road bed about 18 - 24 inches...so we made sure we cheated as much as possible to the center. This was only an issue when we met the 18 wheeler traffic.

We were in Conway and setting up by 2:30. We had everything up and ready for occupancy by about 3:30. Then it was a walk for Ziva. Then we stopped at Stoby's for cheese dip to take to Beth's for a taco dinner. Beth and Jeff had made the taco filling so making the tacos was really easy. And they were very good. We ate and visited until about 8:00. Then it was back to the Bus for an early bedtime. Early bedtime and a leisurely get up on Saturday.

We got around Saturday morning and got things done by ballgame time. By halftime Sue and I were out for a shopping trip to Sam's. After fighting the crowd on Customer Appreciation Day, we dropped by Beth's for a few minutes and then back to the Bus for lunch. We arrived in time to watch the LSU/Alabama game. Good game but the wrong team won. The best team today won, but not the one we had hoped. Then it was off to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We had a good dinner and then made a quick stop at WalMart and back to watch the remainder of the OU/Iowa State game. It is getting late and we are thinking bedtime is on a very short agenda.

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