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9 AM appointment with Classic Coach Works to replace a motor for an automatic shade and adjust other shades that don't roll up all the way. They replaced both motors so that the motor for the screen is new also. They were also able to replace the transfer switch for the generator because that stopped working a few days ago. The entry steps are making noises after the step is all the way out and I was told the motor there is about to go and should be replaced. I did find out that I can buy it cheaper on Amazon than the RV repair couple who will be coming to Carefree, so I ordered that and paid for it with a credit I have on my Discover card!! I have spent thousands of dollars on generator stuff and got an $86 part for the steps for free! Whoopie!

I got back to the campground around 2 PM and it was about 90 degrees out, so I didn't go anywhere. I spent all afternoon working on my website.

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