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Oh my gosh what a long day. We got underway at 0800, weather was sunny and clear. We started out on I5, no problems, as the traffic was pretty light. We are trying a different route today and jumping over to 99 in Sacramento. Things were going good, for awhile. We ran into an accident a couple hours into our change to 99, after Stockton, I believe. So we got held up there for about 30 minutes.

We kept looking for rest areas around 1200 and 1300, to eat lunch. Guess what? there are very few rest areas on 99. We finally found one around 1500. A little late for lunch. Little did we know what we were in 1530 they announced an accident on the reader board. On 99south, so I looked it up on my phone. At 1230 there was a 2 fatality crash and they were rerouting everyone around it. (We had hoped to be in the campground at 1600) No luck. Two hours later we had gone 15 miles and finally got headed over to the orange grove RV park. So a slow and frustrating day on 99.

We tried a new tactic today with Punjab. We called him early in the day hoping to have our local channels loaded by the time we reached the campground. didn't work. We had to call it in a second time. And I forgot to tell you about yesterday. At Norine's suggestion we downloaded the Dish app, and tried to do it through that. No go, it won't work for our system. Rats! Punjab would miss me to much anyway!

While we were waiting on 99 south, we got to talking about that how in all the years we have been going this route we have never been held up in traffic this long. So I guess it was our day to wait. We've been pretty lucky and blessed, if you look at it that way.

We got to the campground a bit before 1800. We are both tired and a bit cranky, except for Zoey, she's ready to play, walk, and eat. Poor Spike has been in the drivers seat for 9.5 hours, in awful California traffic, with impatient rude drivers. A super long day and hopefully tomorrow will be better! We should be in Yuma by 1700 tomarrow! Praise God for his protection over us!

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