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Day one Galapagos

marine iguana

marine iguanas, they were everywhere, almost impossible not to step on

having a great time!

Hi from the Galapagos


brown pelican

sea lion


baby sea lion

sunset on the boat

hawk, seconds before was eating baby pelican

1 week old sea lion

Alana-this one is especially for you

nature walk with guide

blue footed boobie

cerro dragon

looking for white and black tipped sharks

baby galapagos tortoises

feeding time

look Eddie, I´m close enough to touch them

land iguana

my new friend

This was the most amazing experience for both Melissa and I. It is an experience that no one should miss. We were picked up at the airport by our boat crew and taken to the port. Our boat slept 16 people, two to each room. There were already 8 of us in our group and we met up with 8 other strangers. Our tour guide, Walter, had been giving tours since 1984 and was excellent. The crew was so happy that at least half the passengers were young people, that there was salsa dancing two nights in a row with the crew. Melissa has a picture of me dancing salsa with the captain who was a very lively individual.

They kept us busy starting at six in the morning until eight-thirty at night. Every night Walter would give us the schedule for the day and then with each event they would ring the bell and you had to be there within five minutes to get on the boats to go ashore. Food was excellent and we could eat again since we were at sea level.

Melissa and I agree that two of the greatest highlights of our trip were swimming with the sea lions and the turtles while snorkeling. The last day Melissa and I had about four or five sea lions keeping us company. They were so curious. One got so close to Melissa, I thought he was going to kiss her nose. A couple of the other ladies were not as lucky. Thelma from the UK got bit (no skin broken) under her left arm and one of the sea lions tried to rip off the bathing suit of another. We took some pictures of all this with an underwater camera, but have to wait until we get home to develop them.

The group we are with is great. Everyone gets along well. Some from US, UK, Australia, and Poland. There is always at least one person or one couple that make living with others even more interesting. We had Kiki and Phillip from America. They acted 80, but were probably in their late 50's. They complained habitually. Kiki was not happy that the boat rocked, it kept her awake at night, why couldn't the crew fix that. Her socks were also getting wet on the boat and to top it all off, she also fell down while we were walking some steps, very tramatic, a lot of drama with that one. Phillip on the other hand stubbed his toe, just bleed profusely. He and Kiki must have bandaged it with enough guaze and tape to fix a broken arm. You know he just couldn't quite use it after that. He required the crew or some of the male passengers to carry him off the boats so he didn't get it wet.

It all went by way to fast. I would like to go back again and spend more time.

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