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our room in Cusco

watch out for that big step into the bath!

square of Koricancha church

bell tower

arch opening shows city

a little closer

a part of Cusco

stones used by Incas to build the temple

windows to the sections

picture of a fresco from afar (forbidden!)

one stain glass window!

an outside view

designs in the lawn


outside the cathedral

another corner

a saint slays the devil

keeping the march in order

portrayal of sun rays

and the milky way

explanation of milky way

snippet of celebration parade

decor in restaurant

memories of Europe trip here!

finding Cholos Taproom

their little courtyard

inside decor

a shrine to beer!

enjoying our lagers

found the chocolate museum!

the factory part

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protest march in Cusco

We visited the central square and the churches in it. Koricancha was an important Inca temple to their Sun God, but the Spaniards took it over and tried to destroy all things Incan. Now the Santo Domingo church is built on the early foundations.

I caught the tail end of a parade outside the square in celebration of someone's life. There had been firecrackers going off last night on the streets and some today also. At the end of our tour, a big group of protestors assembled at the square to claim they should be tour guides without getting a degree to do so.

Lunch was at the Incanto Restaurant and we were told we could have pizza there. But the fixed menu for groups didn't offer that, so some were disappointed. Cindy and I ordered Coca Colas but got Coca Tea instead! I later found a t-shirt with a picture of coca leaves, a dash, and the word Cola on it. I would have bought it but the store wasn't open in the middle of the afternoon!

During our free afternoon, Debby and I went looking for a brewery in the area that Pam had researched for us. We found it but the outdoor garden consisted of slanted table and chairs, so we sat inside and had a beer. It was a good experience and I am glad we did that. We also bought coffee at a place called Black Panther, and visited the chocolate museum, where I bought some things there also.

In the late afternoon, we went into a conference room in the hotel and saw a presentation of old and new Andean musical instruments by a guy who loved to collect and play them.

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