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the Plaza

a sweat box

should know this hummer!


opening its throat? or proud hummer!

a pair in the trees

little waterfalls between rooms

orchid found at beginning of orchid trail

herb gardens

tea house has demos of processing tea leaves

Kike leads us down the path, looking for interesting things

might have been interesting

overlook next to train - there it is!

cormorant on rock

hanging fruit

end of the line!

one of few pine trees in Peru

Peruvian clover! (a joke)

backwards Machu Picchu sign

upside down mushrooms

seen as leaving on train

walking bridge over Urambamba River

Peruvian dancer

dances with Meghan

then with Percy

view from train

terraces are a way of life

part of the Inca Trail

river near our destination

view from Sungate by Terry Miller

Some went back to Machu Picchu to do some hiking, and some stayed back to explore the trails of the hotel. Kathleen had to have doctors come take care of her today. She got a shot, pills, and electrolytes. Still on a bland diet.

We found the plaza, as we called it, and watched some hummingbirds at the feeders. Then we walked down the main path that led to the path to see the speculated bear they have in captivity, but we didn't go further because you need to pay and have one of their guides take you. We did see where they grew and made their tea. I noticed a fern trail and an orchid trail, but couldn't go by myself, so I was told.

After lunch at the hotel's restaurant, we took the train back to Ollantaytambo and our hotel where we left luggage! The attendants on the train put on a show of dancing and then a fashion show, after which they tried to sell us those materials. I wonder if anyone on the train bought anything?

This time, Debby & I got a better, but smaller room on the 2nd floor of a cottage with a view of the terrace and a community balcony to sit on and enjoy the late afternoon. Debby & I went to the bar before dinner and had a beer and played Farkle with Peg & Janet. Dinner was a spaghetti soup with mystery meat in it, a stuffed zucchini, and cheesecake again for dessert. I don't like flan and their pudding is too runny.

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