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waiting area for the train

Peg, Janet, Pat, Kathy on river side of train

looking down from bus going up to ruins

entrance is an easy walk!

looking at terraces below us

housing area

upper area for royalty

what a view

so much has lasted

Deb loved it!

I got above the group to take a picture

It is clearing a bit

remains of a temple

bromeliads up here!

llamas graze and pose

natural lawn mowers

the guardhouse see all

see what I mean?

I allowed a picture of me

stones sticking out are steps from one terrace to the next

ceremonial rock where sacrifices were made

people don't pay attention to the other side

the sun on Machu Picchu

see how majestic the llama is for the picture?

very few railings were found

We didn't get to suspension bridge

water channel in middle of pic

another view in the sunlight


water or electric?

main entrance to king's area, watched by guards at guardhouse

hmm, not sure I believe that

why one window opened?

that's the Temple of the Sun

mountain view

Carolyn & Janet there for about 3 hours!

can't get over the views

so glad the Sun came out!

used natural boulders when possible

we made it to temple remains

these rocks are different

Percy is explaining something

He sure is knowledgeable!

Debby wants to climb that high mountain tomorrow!

the King's bedroom

we found Viscachas!

the king's deck


whole view of it

restaurant to the left, bus line to the right

I was on river side of train on the way back but...

Aguas Caliente

watching the train leave the town

the hotel's lunch restaurant

staircase 1 to our room

waiting area outside the office

group picture by Terry Miller

The 1.5 hour train ride is scenic ride if you are on the right side! It follows the Urobamba River. The only way into Aguas Caliente is by train, so there are no cars or tuk tuks there! It is built on the hillside and is made up of stores, restaurants, and a few hotels. We stayed at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Rooms were in different buildings on the hillside. Debby & I got a room at the edge of things without a view. She wasn't impressed. It's okay because we wouldn't be staying in the room much anyway.

Kathleen has gotten very sick, like I was in Madagascar with a fever and all. She hasn't been joining us for meals and isn't joining us today, but is staying in her room.

It was raining when we got to town and when we got on the bus that goes up many switchbacks to the ruins. After our buffet lunch, the rain stopped and we enjoyed going through the ruins of Machu Picchu seeing the clouds, then the sun! Very impressive site - huge too!

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