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outside the gift shop of the Park

a glimpse of the Atlantic

Atalaya looks like a jail! meant for protection from hurricanes

courtyard and servant's quarters

courtyard and studios/bedrooms

center corridor and watchtower

art studio

hallway to living quarters

looking out from a bedroom to the sunroom and patio

every room has a fireplace

goats chasing each other

goat relaxing near the marsh

boat doesn't have a name yet - Namaste?

tall ship on the river!

oak tree on the trail

water feels good

I liked the reflection


didn't ask for advice! Just ate good food

Diane met me in the park in the morning and we visited Atalaya - the winter home of Archer Huntington (a poet, philanthropist, and scholar) and Anna Hyatt Huntington (famous sculptor). Atalaya is Spanish for watchtower and that is the centerpiece of the estate! Guests walked down the center corridor and under the tower to the foyer and dining room and sunroom. There were no guest bedrooms so they only had day visitors once in a while.

On one side of the estate is where their studio/offices/bedrooms were while the other side was for the help - the cook, servants, housekeepers, laundryman. The sunroom faced the ocean when it was built (1930s), there was a clear view. Now it is covered with trees. Many of Mrs. Huntington's works are across the street at Brookgreen Gardens which was built at the same time as their "castle". The couple had been living in NYC and Connecticut and wintered here to help with Anna's tuberculosis. Oh - the watchtower was really a water tower, providing water for the whole building with enough pressure due to gravity. Water was pumped up there from an artesian well.

Anna like to sculpt animals, so they had horse stables, a dog kennel, and bear pens! She became a leading breeder of deer hounds, which are furry grey hounds! She even had a pet macaw!

After that informative visit, Diane drove me up Business 17 where we could walk along the marsh, then have lunch at the Dead Dog Saloon. There were goats on islands on the marsh! Lots of boats dock around here. Diane told me how much fun she and grand kids had on a Pirate boat looking for treasure and capturing things. The saloon has walls covered with framed pictures of pet dogs that have passed away, thus giving the place its name. I had a grilled flounder sandwich!

We went to see their new boat which is docked at a marina near their gated community and lets them go on the Wacamaw River. When they are ready to go out in the ocean, they will trailer it to a launch site instead of going almost 30 miles downriver to where it empties out into the ocean.

When Dave came home from golfing, we hung out, then went back into Huntington Beach State Park. We drove to the north end of the park, where they like to go to the beach, and took a short walk on a trail. The bugs liked Dave, so when we got back, he walked into the ocean to get relief from the itches.

We had dinner at the Provisions at an outside table and it was good. I had a steak quesadilla and they served the right size - not a huge tortilla! After visiting some more at their house, they brought me home so I could get a good night's sleep before traveling early and long tomorrow!

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