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Outside our hotel in Quito

handmade handicrafts in a small store in Quito

Us at the equator

rows of roses growing for export to American markets

Our two tour guides and us eating and staying at a 400...

Otavalo animal market- girl selling piglets

Otavalo animal market-cows for sale

Yum!!! Roasted pig for lunch. You just scoop out a little and...

This is the specialty meal of Ecuador - teeth and claws included!!!

We left Quito and headed up in the hills to the City of Otavalo for a one night stay in a 400 year old hacienda. Melissa and I had a room which at one time was a horse stable, but had been reconverted into a room with a fire place. Actually it was very nice. We spent the first day visiting the rose industry in Otavalo which is one of the pictures that are attached. They ship 150,000 bundles a day all done with manual labor. Quite amazing. They sell the less than perfect roses for $1.00 for two dozen.

The next day we went early in the morning to the animal market where the locals come to sell their barnyard animals. It was quite an experience, animals of all sizes. We then went to the largest textile market in South America or that is at least what they claim, but it was huge. We spent a couple of hours there and then headed back to Quito. The next day we headed off to the Galapagoes which is the next entry.

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