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Neon lights on Route 66 in Williams

Route 66

Cooper just loves his new friend Smokie

Hi Jolly’s gravesite


We left Williams on Monday, arriving in Quartzite, Arizona, on our way west. The RV Park was adequate, at best, but definitely lands up a few rungs on the skeez-o-meter. Oftentimes when we are planning & researching a big trip such as this, we go on the Internet and read the reviews and check out the pictures of the place. One thing we often wonder is, “where did they take that picture?” Because it sure didn’t look like that on their website! Quartzite is one of those towns that I wonder why anyone would want to live there! However, I know that if you are into rocks, that is the place to be during the winter months as they host a giant swap meet and thousands of people descend on the area.

But that doesn’t really interest us, so we decided to bale a day early and move on to our next destination, Desert Hot Springs.

One thing that Cooper liked about 88 Shades RV park in Quartzite was the bunnies! Every so often as we were walking through the park, a little rabbit would pop out of the bushes only to disappear back in as soon as they saw Cooper. Cooper was intrigued!

That’s it for now!


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