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Atlantis in Reno

The columns blaze at night

Waterfall at the pool

Local craftspeople sell their wares

The Washoe County Library

We decided to make our way to Reno. Roger and I are not gamblers, but we found a deal at a casino that has a nice workout room, pool, and hot tub. We were pretty exhausted after a long drive, and Rog had been dealing with sinus issues, so we decided to take an extra day to see what we could discover. Last year we also stopped in Reno on the way to Arizona, but it was a different experience. We stayed right downtown and spent our time in the car museum. This year we used the facilities in Atlantis and also spent some time in the library.

I get a huge charge out of chatting with folks we meet along the way. While I was in the hot tub I learned that this weekend there is a rabbit show at the Reno convention center. 15,000 rabbits are expected. They are judged on all sorts of physical aspects such as ear length and shoulder slope. People from all over the world attend, bringing their bunnies with them. I was sorry I was not going to be around for the festivities because my hot tub buddy told me that they always have Japanese people at the conventions, and it would have been fun to have some rabbit conversations in Japanese.

Atlantis has very nice restaurants, and there was no annoying smoking smell. I don't get the attraction to the slot machines; people sit for hours punching a button. To play a person needs a special card; no need even to insert coins. We skirted the perimeter of the casino on our way to the different restaurants; we did not feed machines. Still, we had interesting conversations with staff members and fellow guests, and I would not mind staying again. There is a lovely spa there with an assortment of indulgent treatments. We did not avail ourselves this time, but it might be worth it to try it out and spend the day in all the pools and steam rooms. Next time maybe.

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