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Letting the rig rest on the steep mountain roads... notice the "donuts"...

near the top of the mountain


Nice campground/resort

Cool morning by the lake







Doesn't look very steep in the pictures

In the German town of Helen...

As our last "destination stop" on our summer tour we booked five days at a resort in the mountains north east of Atlanta. We figured it would be an easy drive of about 95 miles. We did not anticipate the nature of the drive. Many 6%+ grades. Lots of curves and a bit hair-raising especially going downhill. The engineer straining at 4000 rpm and trying to use the brakes judiciously to avoid overheating. We got here safe and sound but a bit drained. Nice place, but we probably are here in the off-season. Lots of water parks and tubing. A bit too cool for that now. On Saturday we drove over the quaint little town of Helen. We had heard that it is a very interesting town done up in the German style buildings. Well, it is October and the place has a german theme, Oktober Fest was in high gear. Nowhere to park, the place was jammed. We decided to return another time. One morning I walked down to the lake for a few pictures... condensing water vapor from the lake... would have been better if I had been there a couple of hours earlier, though (ho hum, laziness prevails sometimes). We are gearing up for a mad-dash to our Bradenton home when we leave here: just overnight stops.

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