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I’m sure going to miss all the amazing cappuccinos I’ve enjoyed in...

My last day. I hadn’t planned to do much. I took the metro to the centre and wandered down side streets just looking. Just under 10 km today. For anyone who hasn’t taken an underground metro, it’s really quite something compared to what we are used to. At one I walked down a flight of stairs then down an escalator then walked a few feet then down another escalator. The train must be around a city block long comprised of several cars and at certain times jam packed with people, sitting and standing. It’s amazing the amount of people moving around this way.

I had a good amount of coffee breaks and a bit of shopping. (I’d mention what I bought but Karen I think Neil might tease me lol ) I really didn’t pick up much at all since I really don’t have any room.

My taxi is booked for the morning, a terribly expensive trip, but I don’t want to take any chances of being late. Just trying to squeeze everything into my small suitcase.

Some observations that I’m remembering:

I enjoyed all the places I visited but I think Prague was my favourite big city and Ljubljana was my favourite small city. Vienna wins for the best coffee lol and the Czech Republic for the best beer and food. Europeans smoke a lot more than in North America. The Austrians are very efficient. Vienna was the most expensive overall and Prague was the least expensive. I know I’ll think of more, just wanted to mention those.

I also have to mention that I am very proud of myself for doing this whole trip on my own. Visiting with the many strangers along the way really added to this experience. :)

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