Shawn’s Central Europe Trip 2019 travel blog

Cool museum

Nice coffee shop

Vienna Opera House

Statues all over this beautiful city



Today I did the hop on/off bus tour. It was $29.00 Euro but totally worth it. I started at about 10 and went until 5. There were 3 different lines and I went on all of them today. I saw so much I can hardly remember what I saw. I really like my hotel here but the wifi is horrible so I can’t post anymore pictures from today. If I remember this correctly about 1/3 of Vienna was bombed during WW2. You can sure tell. Going down streets there are beautiful old structures and next to them plain newer ones. They said in the late 40’s - early 50’s there was a huge housing shortage so they needed to build housing as quickly and as cheap as possible. What an interesting city. A long but enjoyable day of sightseeing. :)

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