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It’s only two hours by bus from Dubrovnik to the Bay of Kotor but there is a ‘hard border’ (a term I’ve learned from following too many news reports on the Brexit fiasco in the UK). When we reached the Croatian side of the border, all the passengers were required to get down from the bus and present their passports to the immigration officials. Then the bus drove a short distance and we had to stop once again, get off the bus, but we didn’t have to take out our passports again for the Montenegrin officials.

There’s something a little unusual about how Croatia and Montenegro are involved or not involved with the European Union and the Euro. Croatia is a member of the EU, but has it’s own currency, while Montenegro is not a member of the EU, but chooses to use the Euro. Anil tells me that Montenegro is working towards becoming a member, but has to meet a long list of criteria to meet before it is accepted.

Shortly after crossing the border we reached the lovely Bay of Kotor and proceeded to travel along the water’s edge as the road wound east, north and then south to reach the city of Kotor itself. When we arrived at the bus station we started looking for a place where we could buy a SIM card for my phone but the woman at the newsstand indicated they weren’t working, so she wouldn’t sell me one.

It was then I remembered that the hotel had written to tell me that I could call them on WhatsApp, so I searched out a restaurant that would allow me to use their Wifi to make the call. I learned that the hotel was 4km away, but that a taxi would charge less than five euros, so the receptionist called the taxi for us and it arrived before I could get back to the bus station where Anil was waiting with the luggage.

We were delighted with the hotel and especially the young woman at the reception desk. As we got out of the taxi I noticed that there was a hospital right behind the hotel, and I commented to Anil that it was great to be near a medical facility, should we ever need it during our stay. Famous last words!


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