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We made it across the border and into Arkansas to visit with Sonny and JoNell for a couple of nights. The last time we were there we parked in their yard and left some really deep trenches in their lawn with the RV. So this time we stayed in a trailer park in town. Not a bad place; it had full hookups which was important to keep the kitty cool while we were out galivanting.

This was the weekend of Timberfest, a big deal for Sheridan. We got to see some of the booths as they were getting set up but missed some of the good demonstrations with woodcutting, logrolling, etc that were put on the next day. We did have a good time visiting with my cousins, though, and had some fine meals.

While there JoNell took us to see a B17 memorial just outside of town. This is a place where the bomber crashed during the 2nd world war. It laid in ruins for a long while before a group of people organized a memorial. They re-created the bomber and posted the names of those killed in the crash. During the dedication, the families of the deceased were invited to participate. All around the walkway there are named paving stones to commemorate others who have served, or just to honor those still in service. Very well done!

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