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Ohio/Mississsippi River collide

Overlooking the confluence from the Kentucky side

Illinois side. Red Right Returning if you are going up the Miss....

Muddy on the right (Mississippi) Clear on the left (Ohio)

Impressive murals in downtown Paducah


Headed south, and stopping for a few days in Paducah. Nice medium-sized town located just upstream of confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio river's flowrate (speed, not volume) of the Ohio River was greater than the Miss there was an interesting collision that takes place. Supposedly the Ohio River water shoots upwards. Well, that was not the case when we were there. The situation was that there has been quite a drought on the land drained by the Ohio (and Tennesee) Rivers. The land in the upper midwest on the other hand has had lots of rain. The result was that the Mississippi was very muddy while the Ohio was clear. The Mississippi overwhelmed the Ohio; just the opposite of what we were told. Things change. We also visited the Paducah flood wall murals... very impressive.

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