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A cool window display

Downtown Vienna



I made it to Vienna. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post many pictures here. Only one uploaded onto my iPad. The wifi in the hotel isn’t very good but the hotel is nice. I took a taxi from my hotel in Salzburg to the train station. It was 7 Euro. I thought that was a good deal since my taxi was 15 Euro on the initial trip. Now I see what they mean about rip off taxis lol. When I got to the train station I bought my ticket and the train was leaving in 5 minutes. I made it on time. Yay! The whole trip was just under 3 hours. I asked some ladies on the train about getting to my hotel. I had the directions I had printed off at home. All the stations/metros are so big with so many exits I wanted to make sure to leave out the right one. They pointed to the right exit and I walked to the hotel in about 10 minutes! It was too early for the 2 pm check in so I left my bags at the hotel and went to the restaurant they recommended. I had Wiener schnitzel. It was really good. I asked the waitress if it was very big and she said no. Well, the plate was a regular sized dinner plate and the schnitzel covered the whole thing plus another plate of potato salad! Very good but no way could I eat it all. After I checked into the hotel I took the underground metro to the city centre and just walked around. Vienna is a beautiful city. It was really busy downtown. I was having a cappuccino downtown when a couple of ladies stopped to talk to another lady at the table beside me. I noticed they had little Canada pins so I said to them I have one of those. They were from Nova Scotia. One of them said she works in the restaurant business and she said she has never met a single a..hole from Saskatchewan lol. She said do they tell you at the airport that you are Saskatchewan ambassadors. Anyway she thinks Saskatchewan people are great. :). Later I took the metro back to my hotel and went nearby for a pastry and coffee. An early night tonight.

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