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Raining when we left Venezia

First photo opportunity

Spectacular Dolomites

Cortina home of 2021 winter Olympics

Lunch stop

Beautiful Dolomites

Sun shining in Venezia when we returned

Thunder and lightening during the night and the rain bickered down. Our apartment is right next to a canal and I've thought it's been raining a number of times over the last few days however it was just the water lapping in the buildings or a boat going past. This time it was rain for real. Oh dear, not what we really wanted. I checked the weather and even though the temperature is only forecast to be 9C, it's meant to be sunny.

Walking to the meeting place was a bit of a challenge. The ponchos we bought in Monterosso got another workout however that didn't help the bottom of our pants and shoes and socks. Joe was moaning that he'd rather have an umbrella as he wouldn't get as wet. Four people with very wet feet arrived at the meeting point with plenty of time to spare so pooped to a cafe for a cafe latte and donut for the kids. The tour driver turned up in good time however told us as there were 12 of us going, we would be separated into 2 vehicles. We had the choice of in effect, having a private tour (4 of us with the other driver) or part of the 8 going with this guy. He assured us we would have more fun with him, and we may have, however decided to go with the other driver. Our driver and one other passenger were running late as there'd been an accident on the causeway which was creating havoc. Our driver Marco finally turned up and off we went.

Marco was very softly spoken so we had a bit of trouble hearing him however as the journey went on, he got better. We stopped a couple of times for photo opportunities and grabbed a cuppa at one of the stops. We then went on to Cortina, where the Winter Olympics were held in 1956, and walked through the historic city centre. We dropped into the department store with the thought of buying some dry socks however decided against it. No point having dry socks and wet shoes. We bought a few bits and pieces though so contributed to the local economy.

I am in awe of these beautiful mountains. The scenery is so beautiful...spectacular mountains, lakes and forests. I don't want to count how many photos I've taken. Every time I think I've taken enough, I see something else I want to photograph. Next stop is Misurina...our lunch stop. Marco pointed out the restaurant we should go to (lunch isn't included in the tour) and it's in a beautiful position on the shores of a lake. That was where the good side of things finished. We debated whether to sit outside but the only free chairs and tables were wet so we decided to go inside. We walked through looking for a table and were told the restaurant was full and that we needed to sit at the other end. I went up to find out whether we had to order at the counter or if wait staff came to the table and was rather rudely told we couldn't eat where we were, it was just the bar. Very confusing and rude staff. We were told we could eat outside however no free tables so we left. We walked to the next food opportunity which was inside a Despar supermarket. It was one of those Cafes where you have to pay for your food at the cashier before giving your order ticket to the counter staff. Once again, very rude staff. Jen is coffee was only half full and her pizza lukewarm. We used the loo and they had a 'Tips please' box on a table....no chance of that from us. We were happy to get out of there.

Joe and I went for a wander around the lake and checked out a couple of shops. When we got back, all sorts of chaos had broken out. Georgia realised she didn't have her backpack and thought she'd left it under the table in the cafe. She was sobbing her heart out as it was her $90 backpack plus money and souvenirs she'd bought along the way. Because the staff had been so rude, Jenni asked Marco to go with them to see if it was there. It wasn't so more tears even though I reassured Georgia that it would be covered by insurance. I then asked if they'd checked in the first cafe so we set off. Three cheers, it was there. Lesson,learnt, we hope.

We had one more stop by a lake for a few more photos before setting out for home. There was a playground and even though we've travelled half way round the world to see new and exciting sights, the kids had a great time playing in the equipment.

We arrived in Venezia about 5:30pm and walked home. Jenni and I had a beer and we all shared some chips before Jenni and I went out to buy some salad to go with our tuna and some pizza and calzone for the kids.

We enjoyed our dinner...very civilised sitting at the table then read, watched the athletics in Doha and generally relaxed. Off to Napoli tomorrow so everyone needs to be on deck by 7:30am.

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