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The Cathedral - so huge!

Walking down the lively Constitution Avenue

Everything is lit up at night

The Bullring - chapel where matadors go to pray

The only bull that was granted life after a brave fight

The Bull ring

The Prince's Gate - above which royalty sat

The market

Cant seem to stop Jim from kissing the fish


House of Charity

House of Charity Chapel

Inside the Chapel (the opulence seems counter to the mission)

We are still a bit awestruck today. It seems like every few steps you take - there is another beautiful photo op. And nighttime is even moreso. The tourists (including us) are completely snap happy but the irony is that you simply cant capture it. Today we took in the Seville Bullring and museum. We have no interest in seeing a fight but are trying to understand the passion behind this sport that seems so cruel. Then we walked along the Guadalaquivir River and into Triana where we explored a large and lively food market. Fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, ham and other meats, restaurants and cooking classes all are here. Afterwards we headed over to the former Caridad hospital/ House of Charity.It was a refuge for the poor and homeless founded in the 17th century by a man who was rumored to have been the inspiration for Don Juan. A former playboy and sinner who changed his ways late in life and dedicated himself to worship and caring for the poor. He built a chapel onto the hospice which was an amazing tribute to the acts of charity, faith and hope.

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