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View of Iconic Cusco Centro / Plaza de Armas

Cusco Cathedral

Front of Cathedral

Public Entrance to Cathedral

Roof Detail

Iglesia la Compania

Colonade along Plaza de Armas

Ladies & Llamas

Who you lookin' at ?

View of Plaza de Armas from restaurant above Colonade

Much Better View

A manifestacione / parade assembles

Did I forget something ?

Rainbow Banner is the Cusco City Flag

Cusco City Team

And you gotta have music

Who to kiss next ?

Is she safe ?

Inka Emperor Pachacuti

Pedestrian street above the city center

Original Inka street side building foundation

Colonial Spanish reconstruction attempt

Famous 12 angled stone on Calle Hatunrumiyoc

Plaza de Armas minus many people

It has been a relaxing few days stay in Cusco. Very pleasant weather. Blue skies with puffy white clouds, and temperatures around 75 F during the day and dropping to a great sleeping coolness of 45-50 F at night. After acclimating to the elevation (11,000+ feet above sea level), walking the city center area from our hotel gets the ol' heart pumping, and the lungs gulping as much oxygen as can be found/inhaled. Unfortunately Lidia has been primarily relegated to the hotel, as her foot needs to heal as much as possible in order to better be able to move about during the 10 day Audubon journey starting later this week.

Cusco is exceptionally clean with very little litter or trash about. Especially impressive as there are few to none trash barrels to be found anywhere ? Evidently everyone just carries their trash till they do find a suitable receptacle for disposal.

An eclectic mix of Inka natives, Peruvian Nationals, and tourists from all corners of the world imbues the city with a multi-flavored atmosphere.

The Inka architecture is so impressive. It remains after 500+ years and is the foundation upon which ensuing civilizations have not been able to improve upon. Even the Spanish colonial structures using mortar have crumbled while those of the Inka stand stable.

I don't expect iNet to be readily available much of the next 10 days or so, so journey postings may be on hold for awhile.

Ciao for now.

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