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A street in the historic centre of Bratislava

Very peaceful, not a lot of tourists

Statue in Bratislava

I decided to change the plan today. I had been told that it was no problem to get to the train station in Bratislava by 6 am to get to Vienna (1 hour train trip) to catch my 7:58 train to Ljubljana tomorrow morning. It was the one schedule that always concerned me. This morning I decided to come to Vienna today to make a less stressful trip. I am 100% glad I made that decision!! I am at the Star Inn in Vienna, right across from the train station. The lady at the hotel in Bratislava was so nice and only charged me for the one night. I spent the morning wandering around the historic centre of Bratislava so I did get a feel of it. It’s a lot smaller than Prague, which I knew, but was a nice change of pace. I walked to the tram stop and bought my tram ticket before checking out of the hotel.

I’m so glad I did this. The train station at Bratislava is a bit sketchy and I just couldn’t imagine doing this at 5:30-6 in the morning. The one hour trip to Vienna was uneventful. I checked in to my new hotel and I am completely happy with my choice. I spent the rest of the day in the vicinity of my hotel. I even had a little nap this afternoon so I am feeling really refreshed for my train trip to Ljubljana tomorrow. Only 12 km in the last two days.

I am so relieved i don’t have to deal with busses or trams tomorrow!! I’m looking forward to an easier start to the day. One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned is my appreciation of the kindness of some fellow travelers/strangers. I have had so much more help from them than the people who are paid to help (information centres, etc,)

Oh, and another thing. The farmers walk we do at the gym sure has paid off the last few days!!𯒪

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