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Pool at the Oak Plantation Campground

Oak Plantation Campground

South of the Border


Max and Bella. Too busy playing to take a picture of James!

Charleston, SC to Cary, North Carolina Sept 24

We left Charleston a little after 9 am.  Seems like it's always an adventure with "Brandy" our Rand McNally GPS.  We'll try to reset it somehow when we get good wifi or at home so hopefully it will stop having glitches.  Luckily we knew where we were heading, as it took 20 minutes to synch enough to give us directions! Originally, it had us going up I-95 to 40 towards Raleigh.  Then it rerouted us after we stopped for gas, sending us west in Fayetteville, eventually up Rt 87, then back to the I-40 route. We decided to go up 87 as it was a more direct route.  We arrived in Cary around 3 pm. Max and Bella were so excited to see us. When Catherine and James walked in, she set him down and he ran right into my arms! Then he saw Papa and went to see him.  It was so sweet! We'll be here till Friday. Mike is in Phoenix at a training, so we won't see him this time, but will have fun with Catherine and James

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