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Upper Barrakka Gardens

Nice coffee!

View from our table tonight

After yesterdays long walk and bus ride from hell, we decided on a quiet day today.

Our first stop was the post office to get some stamps. When J presented at the window with the postcards, the postal employee gave him a double thumbs up. He was just a tad mystified, until the man pointed at his Bob Dylan tee shirt. Clearly it hit the mark!

First stop was the cafe next door to our apartment- a nice cappuccino to set us up.

Then we criss-crossed the town looking for some shops we had seen before. To some extent, many streets look the same and often shops are not open and all you see is a set of shutters or a roller door. So you can remember something, but it looks different! After we had finished, we got some essentials like toothpaste and water, and returned to the apartment. By now it was lunch time, so we again went to the cafe next door for a snack and cool drink.

We had thought a museum might be worth doing ( you know, quiet, relaxing cool with aircon, etc) . So we walked 3 blocks across to the Archeological Museum. Of course no aircon - just dozens of large fans strategically placed. It helped, but it was still hot. It was very worthwhile going here after our temple visit yesterday. The main areas covered where megalithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Phoenician. We had no idea just how many ancient sites are on Malta. The oldest nearly 6000 BC! We were able to view many of the artefacts that came from the temples we visited. I think if your main interest is ancient history, then you should spend a few weeks here and visit every site and museum. For J and C, it is enough to see a selection of these ancient sites to balance the huge range of more recent historical sites and museums. After a while, brains become clogged and you simply can’t take it all in!

Another cold drink was needed and a sit down to watch the passing parade. J wishes the noisy tour groups would just pass and not stand right next to him while he is trying to relax with a drink. He muttered something rude when one tourist rested his hand on the back of the chair! Opposite were a couple of old geezers sitting with a drink and chatting. We were sure they were commenting on some of the passers by based on the looks on their faces!

Back for a siesta. j had seen a tee shirt he liked earlier, so he took one of his back to compare sizes - too hot and sticky to be trying on clothes. He bought it!

About 7 we went for tea. Decided on one of many near the St John’s Co Cathedral - don Giovanni’s. We found a table with a fan pointing at it - cooling purposes, and to blow away any smoke that might drift our way.

J was a bit concerned about the constant pressure to have the Lampuki (fish) - worried it might be a bit like Couta, and they have to do the hard sell to get rid of it! So he decided on a beef, wild mushroom and truffle pasta, and C a ricotta ravioli. Plus a shared Brushetta, and half a bottle of local Rose. It was a nice meal and J commented that it was different to any other pasta sauce he had had before. C was a bit concerned about the wild mushrooms ( she had seen them advertised as being from Tanzania!); this was not helped every time J clutched his throat, and looked wide eyed!

Then it was home for an early night - bus to Gozo tomorrow!

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