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It's hard to believe that almost two months have passed since our last entry!! We had quite a bit of company during August with our daughter Michelle coming up for a week then our daughter Misty, and our grandson Ish, coming up with Misty staying a few days then leaving Ish with us for three weeks while she went back to work in Va at her school.

We took Ish to a couple of places we knew he would enjoy. First was the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club in Hendersonville, NC about an hour from our RV park. They have a really nice layout with several villages, mountains, tunnels, RR yards, villages, and many trains running through the whole thing. Ish was in hog heaven, running from display to display and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Then a week or so later we tookhim to Santa's Land Fun Park & Zoo just east of Cherokee, about 20 minutes from the RV Park. We had taken him there two years ago so he knew what to expect and really enjoyed riding all the rides as many times as he wanted. At six, he is getting almost to big to ride on a few of them but was fine this year.

Misty came back and picked him up the end of August and we haven't done a lot but relax since then - we're getting to old to care for a six year-old that long!! He was very good for us but also very energetic! We did manage to go to the Hart Theatre here in Waynesville to see their rendition of Mamma Mia which was very good and had a large cast doing a very good job making it very enjoyable.

Tomorrow we head out for a return trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center near Mill Spring, NC, about two hours from here. This time we will be watching the professionals in the jumping competitions for most of the coming week. We always enjoy watching the horses no matter who is jumping or how good they are but these should be a real treat as they are some of the top competitors in the sport.

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