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Well, we got a fairly early start on Monday: we were gassed, hooked up and on the road by 9:25a.m., our best start so far! The drive to Glendale, UT was pretty easy for the first part. Most of it was on I-15 north, so we were making pretty good time (at first). We figured this would be a shorter drive day as it was supposed to only be 209 miles. We turned off the Interstate onto SR-9 and were supposed to stay on it all the way through Zion NP and then turn onto SR-89 to continue in to Glendale. However, I read in the Nat Geo book that that route was not recommended for oversize vehicles as the Zion/Mt Carmel tunnel was very tight. So we got an alternate route from our new handy dandy Garmin GPS which we named Mavis. Mavis took us around a different way that actually had us traveling in Arizona for a while. Once we got back into Utah, however, Mavis had us turn up a windy mountain road and we ended up on a ridge and we pulled the plug. At least I think it was Mavis' fault, certainly not mine!

Since we had no cell service up there, I had to go back to the car and use Onstar to call

the RV park and get directions. They said "Go back, you're going the wrong way"! Uh oh, now we're in trouble! Remember that we are 33 ft of motorhome and another 12+ feet of car and towbar. Sooooo...I hung the most AWESOME U-turn you have ever seen and only 2 wheels off the road! Whew! That was exciting!!!! Once back on the main road, Mavis kicked in again and guided us to our destination. This RV park (Bauer's RV Park) is very small, has almost no internet access and no cell service for AT&T, but is still nicer than the TT park we left in Las Vegas! It receives no score on the Skeeze-o-meter!

Since the internet is so spotty, I am going to sign off here, before I lose this post(again).

I promise to post again tomorrow to tell you about our first trip to Zion NP and Bryce NP.

I'll post photos then, too!

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