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Picture for cuteness, Susan playing with sepia tones filter

strange cactus!

Cooper at Bark Park.

Splash pad at Bark Park

Cooper thought it was cool!

Susan at the Bee Hive in Valley of Fire

Wishing I was in good enough shape to climb up these rocks!

Holey rock face

Cooper tried to sniff this..didnt turn out well for him!

So awesome!

I know they're just rocks, but aren't they cool?

Big Horn Sheep, pic taken from car

Still in Las Vegas. Dang! It's so freakin" hot here! We could so never live here!

Yesterday morning we took off after breakfast to drive out to Lake Mead. Not the most beautiful drive, but it beat sitting back at the RV park doing nothing (cuz it's too hot).

The sad thing was, dogs are not allowed anywhere near the water, at least not where we were, so we didn't even get our toes wet! On our way back, we came upon a traffic backup, and saw some emergency vehicles up ahead. We asked the ranger what was going on and she said there was a fire, and it would be at least 30-45 minutes before they would open the road. So we chose to turn around and go back through Boulder City and Henderson. Cooper was glad we did, because he got to visit another Lowes store and a Camping World right across the street in Henderson! Score!! We then found another really cool dog park called Bark Park that has a splash pad for the dogs (fire hydrants)! Cooper was a little leary at first, but then he discovered he could drink the water, so he ventured in. By then we were all beat from the heat and came back to the rig, where our air conditioner has been running non-stop.

This morning we bailed out early to go to the Valley of Fire State Park. The name comes from formations of red sandstone formed during the age of dinosaurs. Complex uplifting and faulting of the region, followed by extensive erosion, have created the present landscape. (Yes, I took that right out of the brochure!) It was really cool, (the experience, NOT the temperature!) Thankfully, because we left early (7:30), the temp wasn't unbearable (yet). We pulled into the visitors center for a pee break (Cooper, not us), and came upon a small herd of big horn sheep just standing there by the parking lot. The rams had full horns which was very cool. We'd never seen any up close like this. People were out of their cars taking pictures, so Susan jumped out too. Unfortunately, Cooper was perturbed that Susan clearly was leaving us, so he barked, which, of course, broke up the party. I'm sure the other folks were less than amused, but Cooper had no way of knowing whether Susan would ever come back to us!

As we drove back towards Vegas, we decided we had better find a place to get gas tomorrow morning as we leave this lovely city (yay) on our way to Utah. We then spent at least an hour looking for a gas station roomy enough to accommodate our motorhome and a place nearby to hook up the car. We've found that it's easier to maneuver around gas stations without the added burden of the car, so we prefer to hook up afterwards. Gas here is running from $2.89 to $3.04. Our Costco at home was $3.04 before we left.

Tomorrow we continue east to Glendale, Utah with Marcia in tow. We are staying half way between Zion and Bryce NPs so we can visit both while Marcia is with us. We will be grateful for the change in weather!

As for the Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV park, we rate it a 5 on the skeeze-o-meter! Hopefully the next park will be nicer!

Hugs to all,

Lynn & Susan

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