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Ruins of Roman bridge

Lorraine and Barbara amid crockery and flowers

Sinister Turkish delight at railway station

Hallway to our rooms

Old bridge and waterwheel

Newer bridge

Barbara and Maimonides

Olive trees

Lorraine and Barbara G are off the Cordoba!! I highly recommend our hotel in Granada; the hotel Plaza Nueva and in Cordoba the hotel Mezquita. Locations couldn’t be better for old town access! Our current abode is actually across the street from the Mezquita.

Anyway, we headed via bus to the main bus terminal, which oddly had a large book selling area filled with classic English literature and an area selling dried fruits and turkish delight. The latter always seems rather sinister to me after the large role they had in downfall of one of the children in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”...

Cordova is lovely and today we strolled the windy streets of the Jewish quarter and crossed the bridge by a large statue commemorating how saint Rafael saved them from the plague. It must have seemed so frightening to have no clue why the plague arrived and why it suddenly stopped, so I think saint Rafael is as good a reason as any at the time. Diner was an absolute delight at a local bodega. They finished our repast with a complimentary sherry (from Jerez the birthplace of sherry) and it was wonderful, although we both became a big maudlin and tearful as the evening drew to a close- an well; that is what friends are for.

Barbara G

Cordova!! We have wonderful hotel—location and excellent shower—hot water and good pressure (not always the case, we’ve found)). Just walking to our rooms is like walking through a museum with pictures covering the walls and statues and inlaid cabinets with lots of tiny and not-so-tiny drawers!

Cordova is small and we were able to see a lot as we wandered yesterday. A huge and lovely old waterwheel near the old bridge; the statue of Maimonidea, a Dutch philosopher, theologian and doctor and legend says rubbing his wooden shoes will give wisdom (yes, we both did!). The river is wide and in addition to the statue of St Rafael there were couple of musicians and an artist and many tourists. Interesting to note that at least 90% of the graphic t-shirts seemed to be USA—musicians, colleges, cities, towns...but the wearers are not Americans.

I’ve tried and tried but have been unable to take a picture that even begins to show how vast and the olive groves are here. They go on and on and on with nary a farm house. I can’t imagine how they are all harvested in a timely manner or how many people must be needed at harvest time. Beautifully cared for and many young trees planted among mature groves as well.


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