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We had a very early night after the long couple of days. After almost 12 hours sleep we felt much better but decided to have a quiet day today.

Being a lovely sunny Saturday everyone decided to make the most of it and came out in their boats for the day. We had rowers all morning and stink boats all day. So we decided to pay for another night's mooring and stay here tomorrow as well so we don't have to contend with the weekend traffic and hopefully there will be moorings available on the next leg.

This afternoon we went for a walk and went through the deer park of Hampton Court Palace.

Lots of deer roaming around, but the sign on the entry gates say Do Not Enter, Deer Culling in progress, firearms in use. !!!!! Then as you read the fine print it tells you that they are doing it at night.

A lovely flower bed at the entrance to the park. Lots of people around, of course, with it being a weekend, and tomorrow will be just as bad.

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