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Red Rock Canyon

Yours truly with the fuzzy guy. Note the snazzy knee bands!

Red Rock Canyon, the pics dont do it justice. Beautiful!

We got a fairly early start and after a quick stop to gas up the Winnie, we were on the road by 9:45am. Another boring, ugly drive up and over the Tehachapi’s and through the desert. I have to admit that the “giant oasis in the sand” was a welcome sight after the 6-hour trek through the desert. We only stopped twice to stretch our legs and let Cooper out to pee, but still it took that long. We played cat-and-mouse with the 18 wheelers all the way. We finally arrived at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails RV park just before 4pm. It was quite warm while we were getting set up and it took me a while to get the rig backed into the space as they were pretty tight. So tight in fact, that we requested a different site from the one they originally assigned us, but we got into the new site OK. (I don’t usually have much trouble backing our 33 ft motorhome into a site, especially with Susan guiding me, but these sites are at a weird angle and the hook-ups are in a weird place, (at least for our rig). Anyway, we have officially arrived at stop #2.

Ah, Las Vegas…..all the glitz, glamour and a BAZILLION TOURISTS milling around down on the strip! Ugh!

Because its so hot here (in triple digits, of course), we got up early this morning and went exploring. First, we found a terrific dog park called Barkin’ Basin Dog Park. Its in a beautiful city park with lots of grass, trees and shaded areas for us 2-footed folk. After we left there, we went out to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area and drove the scenic loop around and took some pics. Thankfully, it was a tiny bit cooler out there, so it was ok to let Cooper out without his boots. (yes, we are responsible dog owners and actually bought boots for Cooper to wear when the blacktop is too hot!)

Tomorrow we are getting up early again and heading out to Lake Mead. Neither of us has ever been there before, so that will be a nice treat for us. Marcia is flying in tomorrow as well, but she will be staying with some other friends that live in the area, and will join us on Sunday.

We are not particularly impressed with this RV park as it is mostly tight spaces, not very level, and they don’t police the dog walkers (code for there’s a lot of poop out there!) They have a fairly decent fenced in dog run, where we encountered a woman sitting on the bench talking on the phone while her terrier and her pit mix dogs rushed the gate as Cooper went in. The pitty jumped on Susan and almost knocked her over and all the gal could say was “Yeah, she likes to jump”. Then her dog kept aggressively nosing Cooper and he wasn’t having it. The gal then had the nerve to say that maybe we should just come back later! Grrrr! Susan called her a b**** under her breath as we left. That’ll teach her!

Well, that’s it for tonight. Hope you are all healthy and happy and sending you hugs.

Lynn & Susan……and, of course, Cooper!

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