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LimeHouse Basin

Hampton Court Palace 1

Kitchen Gardens

TranQuill overpowered

Hampton Court Palace 2

London Bridge/Bus


Rockin' & rollin'


Stink boat

Houses of Parliament

This is the basin this morning. A lovely sunny day for us. We left the basin at 11am and arrived at Teddington at 2.15pm, riding the tide up all the way.

It was like being on board SeaQuill at times while in the busy areas of the Thames close to London.

This tug was towing 3 barges with containers on and overtook us at one stage.

This is why we call them stink boats - the cloud of smoke was much thicker before I managed to take the pic.

It took us a bit of time to find a mooring once we were through the Teddington Lock and onto the non tidal part of the Thames. We moored in front of this rather large barge in front of Hampton Court Palace.

There are 251 chimneys on the Palace and each one is different.

Now having a well deserved sit down!!

Oh and I spotted a dolphin in the busy stretch of the river.𯘀𯐬

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