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Bakersfield Lowes, Cooper's fav shopping experience!

Cooper's other fav shopping place

a weird house in Bakersfield

And away we go! We've actually been planning this trip off and on for about the last 3 years, but something always came up and we kept postponing it. But it was finally here and nothing was going to stop us this time, including the incredibly painful stiff neck I had been suffering with over the last few days! Thankfully, Susan is an incredible navigator and was able to watch traffic on the right side because I couldn't turn my neck that far.

We got a fairly early start (9:01a.m.) and had the car hooked up and ready to hit the road by 9:40. One thing we really need to do is print up a new check list for all the things we need to do (and double-check) before we actually take off. More on that later...

And where were we heading? To Bakersfield, a mere 286 miles down the road. Now, I know that doesn't sound too bad really, especially with the speed limit at 70 mph on I-5, but the posted speed limit when you are towing anything is only 55 mph, so it slows you down a bit. I actually fudge that a little as I set my cruise control to between 60 and 62 mph (I guess that makes it 61, huh?), because 55 mph? Really? Who drives that slow, all the way down ugly old I-5? (Not me!) After a quick lunch stop, and a couple pee breaks (for Cooper), we arrived at A Country RV Park in East Bakersfield close to 4pm.

Weather isn't too bad, it's been in the mid 80s yesterday and today. It's supposed to be getting hotter starting tomorrow, when we'll be heading east to Las Vegas.

Today we took a drive to scope out an easy access gas station before we go tomorrow and to visit Cooper's favorite stores: Lowes and Camping World, where everyone fawned all over him, telling him how handsome (and soft!) he is. I'm afraid he's getting a big head over this!

As you can see, we're off to an exciting start, eh! We'll be 4 nights in Vegas, and our friend, Marcia Fortney will join us on Sunday and travel to Glendale, UT with us to visit Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks before returning to Vegas on the 20th. We're looking forward to her visit.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you all are having a beautiful day filled with love and kindness. Hugs from beautiful, downtown Bakersfield....

oh, yeah, about that check list...we managed to get the car hooked up in record time, but forgot to turn on the auxiliary braking system (a tiny little switch located on the inside left wall of the driver's seat) so our car wasn't helping with the braking. We realized our error fairly early on our trip and fixed the issue at the first rest stop. No harm, no foul.

one last note: my stiff neck is markedly better today, so hopefully I will be able to turn my head enough to check traffic on both sides!

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