2019 Nova Scotia Trip travel blog

Today we left Elko, Nevada around 0700 heading for the KOA Campground located in Verdi, Nevada also known as Boomtown KOA. The distance was 298 miles and we arrived in Boomtown at noon. The weather was sprinkles at first and then simply overcast. Traffic was light and moving well. The speed limits vary between 75 and 80 along that section of Interstate 80 but Ross only travels at 65 mph when in the motorhome and towing the pickup truck.

The road was very good in 90 percent of trip and the overcast stayed for most of the trip. The high desert area is a sight to see. There are hills and valleys with steep climbs and steep descents. The motorhome handled well and Ross simply put the cruise control on 65 mph and simply steered the vehicle. The desert is mountainous with low growing shrubbery every where and every time I have traveled this route there were heavy winds that did require me to stay awake.

About 50 miles out we could see what we thought was rain but as we got closer and closer to Reno we discovered that is was smoke. It seems the smoke from the fires in Northern California are being blown into northern Nevada. We had that smoke all the way into the approach to Reno and about 20 miles from Reno the smoke cleared and a sunny warm day presented itself.

We haven't decided if we will stay here for two days but we have a site on hold so all we need to do is tell the office tomorrow morning if we want to stay another day.

That is all for now.

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