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Thursday morning we drove the motorhome to the Cummins Service Center in Rock Springs to have the problem with the DPF filter investigated as to why the DPF over pressure code keeps popping up while driving the motorhome. The service tech was waiting for us and he tied into the motorhome's ECM. To his surprise, as well as mine, he found a second code which indicated there was a problem with multi-plexing cable which he thought might be the core of our problem. The tech found a loose chassis battery clamp which he tightened and erased the fault code in the ECM. The tech then performed a partial regen (re-generate) on the DPF and Ross took the motorhome for a 45 minute test drive. That DPF pressure fault did not appear during that test drive. Ross went to pay the bill and was told there was no charge for simply tightening the battery clamp. Ross was flabbergasted and said "Thank You" and jumped in the motorhome and returned to the campsite for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday morning we left the campground in Rock Springs and headed to Salt Lake City and the Pony Express RV Resort. The drive was only 182 miles but the terrain is difficult. I-80 from Rock Springs is relatively level until you get to the Wyoming/Utah border in Evanston, Wyoming and the terrain starts to drop in elevation and you descend and then ascend on very steep up and down roads. The roads are good for the most part but the up's and down's and sharp curves makes for a very tiring drive. Not only that it makes for a nightmare for one's ulcers because the DPF over pressure icon is going "on" and "off" as you climb and descend. After getting set-up at the campground Ross called Cummins in Rock Springs and spoke to a tech who said that the "on" and "off" of the fault code icon was normal when you have driving conditions that requires long climbs with a full open throttle and then long descents which causes radical pressure and temperatures inside the DPF. Ross will admit that the explanation seems to make sense but he has driven this motorhome for over 104,000 miles and never encountered this until after the completion of the engine overhaul last August.Ross plans on having a meeting with the people in Cummins in San Leandro and he intends to be a real pain-in-the-ass until this DPF is repaired/disassembled and cleaned/or modified so that it works the way it did for the first 100,000 miles.

Today we left Salt Lake City around 0800 and we arrived in Elko, Nevada around 1215. We actually killed an hour after refueling in Wells, Nevada because the Double Dice RV Park in Elko was not expecting us until about 1300 and since there is a one hour time zone change in Wendover, Nevada to Pacific Time we would have arrived an hour early.

We have had good weather since Cheyenne, Wyoming and the roads have been good for all but a few spots. Marge got a news notice this afternoon regarding the possibility the weather forecaster may possibly issue a frost warning for tonight in Elko. I guess we will have to wear our woolies in the morning and turn the heat on in the motorhome.

We hope to leave Elko very early tomorrow morning and drive all the way to Reno and to the KOA RV Park in Boomtown located just west of Reno. That could change if we find ice on bridges, in which case we will pull over until it warms up. This trip is one of the longest single day drives we have tried since owning the motorhome. The distance is 298 miles, could be along day.

That is all for now.

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