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Tree-lined lane leading to the chateau

Chateau de Modave

Ceiling stucco work from the 1600s

Ceiling of the great hall, showing owner’s ancestry

Room with tapestries

Example of the decorative woodwork

Wooden flooring

Bed chamber alcove

Top of the grand staircase

View from a terrace

Early bathtub

Kitchen stove

Our afternoon

A sunny but cool morning. We set out for the Chateau de Modave, a 13th century fortress that was turned into a 17th century luxury residence. It has passed through many owners since then, but the building and the furnishings, mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries, have survived in good shape. We followed the audioguide route from room after room of beautiful furniture, art, chandeliers, walls covered with tapestries, fabric and wooden sculptures, and ceilings decorated with painted murals, giltwork and elaborate stucco designs dating from the 1600s. Each individual piece of furniture or art was probably worthy of a little lecture about its significance, so the most we could do in our short time there was simply look and appreciate the beauty and sense of history around us. It was a glimpse of how the privileged lived in past centuries. The audioguide mentioned that the chapel had been damaged during the French Revolution and I can’t say that I blame the peasants for resenting the great divide between rich and poor. After touring the inside, we walked a bit around the grounds, but most of the landscaping was lawn with some rose beds. Not as elaborate as many chateaux I have visited.

By the time we were done, it was after one o’clock, so we decided to head home for lunch (about a forty-five minute drive), then consider what to do next. After eating, a sit in the sunshine seemed to suit most people, although Pam decided that it was a good opportunity to wash the car.

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