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RV Parks Abound along the Rhein

Cologne Cathedral


Quilt Patterns Are Everywhere


As we traveled from Kinderdijk to Cologne, there were many RV/caravan parks along the banks of the Rhein.

This morning we were still cruising and arrived at Cologne at about 10 a.m. The cathedral is in view from our stateroom.

We were docked adjacent to another Viking ship, so went from our ship's lobby to theirs and then to the outside. We took a shuttle across the river and went with our guide Marco to the cathedral.

Factoids: it was built over a period of 700 years; it is the second tallest in the world at about 157 feet; a reliquary of gold (about 4' x 2.5' x 3') is said to contain bones of the three Magi; 70 stone masons continually work to maintain it; it is mostly sandstone; there are many stained glass windows, some quite modern and contraversial; the Allies made every attempt to spare the cathedral while much of the city was destroyed; the Marshall Plan was responsible for rebuilding Cologne.

The museum nearby is closed but you can view the mosaic floor of a Roman bath circa 300 a.d.

We left the tour and we were able to attend a half hour rehearsal at the Philharmonic. (We missed the into; it may have been a later Strauss work.)

We strolled around the old market and chose Bauhaus zum Prinzen for our lunch. (Brewhouse of the princes). I had a potato/apple soup with a slice of fried Blutwurst floating in it. Joe ordered the bratwurst; the serving was enough for three meals! We each ordered the Koelsch - a beer that can only be produced in Cologne, it is actually served cold and in small 200 ml glasses, as the alcohol content is about twice that of a regular beer. I let Joe have the last third of mine.

Weather was threatening, so after a shop or two, we headed back to the shuttle.

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